Sunspun My Funny Lil Valentine

Rickie will be leaving for her new home with Ginger and Clint in a few weeks.

Callie is a spunky little girl that rocks. She loves people and learns the rules very quickly. She is eager to learn new things. She is not afraid of children or agility equipment. She is very biddable and loves her treats.

Rickie acquired her sire's facial features and has beautiful movement. She has great layback of shoulder with a good prosternum and a correct upper arm..


Callie_ Sunspun My Funny Lil Valentine


DN35989301 Cerf_Normal

Ch. Kimark's The Page Turner

DN23673303 OFA-G MDRI-Normal S/W

Ch. Foxglove Conbrio The Jig Is Up

DL89065204 OFA SS-11796G24M-PI CERF 8 SS-5100

BISS Ch. Foxglove Ashburton Bottoms Up ROM

DL71678603 OFA-G S/W trifactored

Foxglove Cafe Au Lait

DL58133201 OFA SS-6235G27F-T

Ch. Jade Mist Memorandum ROM

Kimark By The Book

DN14144402 OFA-E S/W

Am Can Ch Carmylie Tidal Wave

DL64215601 OFA-G S/W

Heatherland Jodi Be Good

DL65030701 OFA-G S/W

Kimark Flower Power

DN08369302 OFA-G S/W

Ch. Sugar Hill Shadowmere Venture

DL88352001 OFA-G S/W

Sunspun Renaissance Festival

OFA-Good Cerf-Normal (AKC pointed)

Ch. Heartsong Renaissance Man

DL81526001 OFA-Good S/W

Ch. Zion's Tuff-E-Nuff

DL44197802 OFA-F S/W

Ch. Winhaven Fame on Fire

DL53322901 OFA-G S/W

Ch. Sunburst Deep Impressions

D375619 OFA-E S/W

Michelty Penny Arcade

Dl45338604 OFA-G S/W

Sunspun Street Dancer

DN12101801 OFA-Good Cerf Normal

Ch. Lorain's Street Performance

DL84239102 OFA-Excellent Cerf Normal Vwd-Normal

Lorain's Phantom Manuevers

DL56420401 OFA-Good

Emperor Movin' On