Sunspun Greatest Love CD, BN, RN, CGCA, TT, TD



Candy was born on Valentines Day  2013. She is owned and loved by Jana Thomas.  Jana has been invovled in visiting hospitals, retirement homes, and nursing homes with her therapy dogs for many years. Candy has been a excellent addition to Jana's household. 

Candy is a Therapy Dog that goes to hospitals, nursing homes and goes to the libraries to help children learn to read.  She has earned her Companion Dog (CD) title in Obedience, Beginner Novice (Obedience), Rally Novice. She has passed her temperament testing (CGCA-AKC Community Canine℠ is the advanced level of the AKC's Canine Good Citizen Program. Dogs who pass the AKC Community Canine test earn the official AKC Community Canine title that is designated by the letters "CGCA" (Advanced CGC) on the dog's title record.)

Candy loves playing with tennis balls and is great at finding "mommies" bag of treats.

She has shown great potential to having the patience for this career.  She started her career at 8 weeks old and has already had many experiences and made a difference to many children and adults. Enjoy the pictures of some of her special moments. 


Sunspun Greatest Love CD, BN, RN, GGCA, TT


OFA Prelim Good__Cerf normal/normal

Ch. Kimark's The Page Turner

DN23673303 OFA-G MDRI-Normal S/W

Ch. Foxglove Conbrio The Jig Is Up

DL89065204 OFA SS-11796G24M-PI CERF 8 SS-5100

BISS Ch. Foxglove Ashburton Bottoms Up ROM

DL71678603 OFA-G S/W trifactored

Foxglove Cafe Au Lait

DL58133201 OFA SS-6235G27F-T

Ch. Jade Mist Memorandum ROM

Kimark By The Book

DN14144402 OFA-E S/W

Am Can Ch Carmylie Tidal Wave

DL64215601 OFA-G S/W

Heatherland Jodi Be Good

DL65030701 OFA-G S/W

Kimark Flower Power

DN08369302 OFA-G S/W

Ch. Sugar Hill Shadowmere Venture

DL88352001 OFA-G S/W

Sunspun Rhythm Of My Heart

Prelim OFA-Good, Cerf Normal AKC pointed

Am. Ch. MBIS UKC Ch. WarmWinds Bourbon d'Bear OA OAJ CGC

DN03282701 OFA-G OptiGen Normal Vwd Clear Thyroid Normal CERF Normal (2 eyelashes) AKC DNA Profile# V424454

BISS Ch. Foxglove Ashburton Bottoms Up ROM

DL71678603 OFA-G S/W trifactored

Can Ch Bonnyville Fairfax Nighthawk

DL50379301 OFA-G Tri Dog

Ch. Malpsh Penny Serenade ROM

DL33697101 OFA-G S/W

WarmWinds Mischief Maker

DL80793802 OFA-G S/W

Sunspun Street Dancer

DN12101801 OFA-Good Cerf Normal

Ch. Lorain's Street Performance

DL84239102 OFA-Excellent Cerf Normal Vwd-Normal

Lorain's Phantom Manuevers

DL56420401 OFA-Good

Emperor Movin' On