**AKC CH. Multiple BIS UKC
CH. Warmwinds Bourbon d' Bear



Of the few "Heartdogs" that come into your life, My Teddybear stole the biggest chunck of my heart. He went peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge at the end of October, 2017. The hole in my heart will never totally heal. He is greatly missed.

When I would get home from work, he would always be at my side watching me. He would answer to his multiple names: Ted, Teddybear, Theodore, Bear,


Teddybear as he is known, came into my home when he was three months old. My friends Norma and Jack Engel of WarmWinds Shetland Sheepdogs placed Teddy's career into my hands. He immediately became my constant companion, or as I call him, my "armpit" dog. He was easy to train and eager to please me.

Teddy started his career with Cheryl Willacker grooming him and Mary MacDonald handling (Royal Marchwind Shetland Sheepdogs). At his first show he earned a three point specialty major. Mary put a total of 6 points on him which included the specialty win and a Best of Breed.

Kathy Dziegel (Kylene Shetland Sheepdogs) helped him earn two more points, which brought his total to 8 points.

Judy Stachowski (Heartsong Shelties) finished Teddy with two more 3 point majors and a Best of Opposite Sex over specials (dogs already champions). All this was done in 9 months with limited showing.

Teddy had a wonderful time in agility.  My good friend Debbie Canderelli iran Teddy for me and put his agility Novie titles on him and some of his Open legs. I finished his Open titles and put a couple of Excellent A legs on him before I had to stop running.

In the few litters that Teddy has had, he has passed on his wonderful temperament to his babies, his drive, as well as his beautiful head details, and body. His "type" comes from his dad Jigger, BISS Ch. Foxglove Ashbourton Bottoms Up ROM . He passed some wonderful traits onto his puppies.  Teddy was ten years old on He is now neutered and will contintue to live his life as my constant loving companion.

Teddy 15 3/4 inches tall, tri-factored, non-white factored. His sire was a size controller and Teddy seems to be also controlling size. His test results are:
1.OFA Good (hips)
2.Cerf normal ( a couple of eyelashes)
3.OPTIGEN normal (DNA cleared of major eye diseases)
4.Vwd Normal (Von Willebrands Disease-bleeding disorder)
5.Thyroid normal
6.AKC DNA Profile-V424454

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Ch= Champion (AKC)  U-CH  (United Kennel Club Champion_ He was awared Best In Show twice). OA (Open Agility Standard Title)  OAJ (Open Agility Jumpers title)


Me & My Teddybear (Rosemary Clooney)

I have been looking for the lyrics to this song ever since Teddybear came into my life. My mom used to sing this to my brother, sister and I and it was one of our favorites. I haven't sang this song in so long that I forgot some of the words. Today was my lucky day when I finally came upon it on the Internet.  Some of you may remember this one.
Go ahead and sing and enjoy.

Me and My Teddy Bear
Rosemary Clooney

In the house next door right next to mine
a little boy lives there
at Xmas time dear Santa Claus
brought him a teddy bear

He loves his little teddy bear
he's with it all day long
and the sweetest thing I've ever heard
is to hear him sing this song

Me and my teddy bear
have no worries, have no cares
me and my teddy bear
just play and play all day

I love my teddy bear
he has one eye and has no hair
but I love my teddy bear
we play and play all day

Every night he's with me
when I climb up the stairs
and by my bed he listens
until I say my prayers

Oh, me and my teddy bear
have no worries, have no cares
me and my teddy bear
just play and play all day

Every night he's with me
when I climb up the stairs
and by my bed he listens
until I say my prayers

Oh, me and my teddy bear
have no worries, have no cares
me and my teddy bear
just play and play all day
just play and play all day
There were four special puppies in the litter, Rosie, Teddybear, Cheri and Scout.  Rosie (Warmwinds Wine and Roses) was pick up the litter. She had one AKC major and then she had a freak accident. She could not be in the show ring anymore or be bred to have puppies.  Cheri (Warmwinds Sweet Cherry Wine) had eye issues and so she went to her forever home. Scout (Warmwinds The Trailblazer) was beautiful as were the others. As a young dog he just didn't have the temperament that would allow him to cope with the stress of the show ring (lots of baths, grooming, traveling, and showing). Lots of people, dogs, noise, new places.  Teddybear ended up the only one earning his AKC and UKC Championship and agility titles.

Great temperaments and everyone stopped to look at them. 

Teddybear (Warmwinds Bourbon d' Bear OA, OAJ, CGC) finished his AKC Championship by 2.5 years old and loved agility. At 12.5 He still loves the show ring.

Am. Ch. MBIS UKC Ch. WarmWinds Bourbon d'Bear OA OAJ CGC

DN03282701 OFA-G OptiGen Normal Vwd Clear Thyroid Normal CERF Normal (2 eyelashes) AKC DNA Profile# V424454

BISS Ch. Foxglove Ashburton Bottoms Up ROM

DL71678603 OFA-G S/W trifactored

Can Ch Bonnyville Fairfax Nighthawk

DL50379301 OFA-G Tri Dog

Bonnyville Forever A Diamond

Ye917925 OFA-Good

Bonneyville's Sweet N' Sassy

XE840454 OFA-Excellent

Ch. Malpsh Penny Serenade ROM

DL33697101 OFA-G S/W

Ch. Trelane Bold Image

AKC# D645257 OFA-Good

Ch. Fourwinds Light The Way

Trelanes Woodwyn Imagine That

Ch. Malpsh the Magic Is Back

Ch. Cameo Farms Justinuff Spirit

Ozark Crest Social Standing

WarmWinds Mischief Maker

DL80793802 OFA-G S/W

Ch. Ozark Crest Letter Perfect

D888313 OFA-G S/W

Benayr Into MIschief

D423496 OFA-G S/W

Ozark Crest Social Standing

Jaconics Properly Fashioned

DL39210605 OFA-Good S/W

Ch. Sunnybrook's Image Maker ROM

Ozark Crest Proper Image

D980622 OFA-G

Ch. Satins Limited Addtion

DL33068501 OFA-E S/W Tri-factored

Stoneridge Grand Am

AKC# D542132 S/W

WarmWinds Forever Fancy

DL41114908 OFA-Prelim-Good

Ch. Starfall Keeper of The Flame

AKC# D502496 OFA Prelim-G S/W