**Best In Show Speciality (BISS) Champion WarmWinds Sunspun Delight CGC**

June 4, 1994---June 8, 2009

It is very hard to get breeders to sell show dogs to "newbies." I was  very lucky. I first met Taffy at 6 weeks old, and she came to live with me two weeks later.

Taffy was a show girl from the time I first put the leash on her. She told me what to do no matter how I turned her and tried to out wit her. She knew her job and I never had to correct her. The only thing anyone who had to handle her had to worry about, was to keep their shoes on. She had FUN. She knew what to do and did it with flair. Once she was in the ring her attitude was stuck on, ON. She baited for anyone (watch your fingers.) I will miss those days.

Taffy starting winning from the time she went to her first match when she was 14 weeks old where she took Best in Match. 

She had always moved well. She had a great layback of shoulder, with a front that you didn't see to often. Her body and topline was correct. She had a huge correct coat. Watching her run across the yard when she was out of coat or just after she blew her coat from having a litter was thrilling. 

At five years old Taffy had to be spayed due to breast cancer. I caught it early and she  enriched my life daily for another 10 years.
She was my true loving couch potato. She loved to sleep and snuggle and yes EAT and get SNACKS. At 15 she still managed to get a small jump in the air when I went to feed her in the morning.

She was the first one to come and get her face toweled after she and the rest of the dogs came in when it was raining. Getting a massage and a back rub was her passion. She held her alpha postion to the very end.

Taffy gave me a lot of "firsts": show dog, point, first wins at a specialty (when she had to beat at least 40 some odd other bitches for the (5) points (Florida)) , first conformation champion, first Best In Show Specialty.

You know when it is time whether you want to believe it or not. I took my responsibility seriously and cradled her tightly in my arms as she went to the Rainbow Bridge to play with her 6 sisters.

A piece of my heart went with her to the Rainbow Bridge. She will be missed.


Ch. Satins Limited Addtion

DL33068501 OFA-E S/W Tri-factored

Stoneridge Grand Am

AKC# D542132 S/W

Ch. Macdega Glehnart Grand Prix ROM

AKC# D206460 OFA-Good S/W

Ch. Macdega Maserati ROM

AKC# D045581 Tri dog

Glenhard Ring of Gold

WF006194 OFA=54 S/W

Ch. Stoneridge Pepperment Patty

D206460 OFA-Good S/W

Ch. Roralore Sportin' Chance CD ROM

AKC# WD618912 OFA_54 S/W

Ch. Macdega Oh Mi On Key

AKC# WF275562 S/W

Oh Mi Brass Bell

We882763 S/W

Stoneridge Sweet Karma

WF066645 OFA-25 S/W

Ch. Roralore Sportin' Chance CD ROM

AKC# WD618912 OFA_54 S/W

Charsma Lyric in Lace CD

We4284827 OFA-30 S/W

WarmWinds Forever Fancy

DL41114908 OFA-Prelim-Good

Ch. Starfall Keeper of The Flame

AKC# D502496 OFA Prelim-G S/W

Ch. Romaynes Heir Apparent

AKC# WE512778 S/W

Ch. Shandell I Can Dig It

AKC# WE692490 Tri Dog

Ch. Windcrest Spice of Life

AKC# WE259407 S/W

Oh Mi Brass Bell

We882763 S/W