Keke was born on February 23, 2022. Her breeders are Linda Hughes (Heartfelt Shelties) and Christine Laughlin (Keepsake Shelties).  Keke was a litter of three puppies. She has a sister and a brother.


Keke came to live with me when she was just over 10 weeks old. Observing her in her breeders home, all three puppies are fearless. They play well together and they love their toys.  I am looking forward to sharing my life with her.



  1. Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA)   n/n
    1. Negative: Dog is negative for the mutation associated with Collie Eye Anomaly.


  1. Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)  n/n
    1. Clear: Dog is negative for mutation associated with Degenerative Myelopathy.


  1. Dermatomyositis (DMS)    002:01|002:01|Aabb
    1.  Low Risk: Haplotype indicates dog is at a low risk of developing Dermatomyositits.


  1. Multi-Drug Resistance (MDR1)  n/n
    1. Clear: Dog is negative for the mutation associated with MDR1.


  1. Progressive Retinal Atrophy (CNGA1)  n/n
    1. Clear: Dog is negative for the mutation associated with CNGA1-PRA.


  1. Von Willebrand's Disease Type 3 (vWD3)  n/n
    1. Clear: Dog is negative for the mutation associated with von Willebrand's Disease Type III.


AM CH. Akadia High Flyer

OFA Hips/ Excellent Animal Genetics Testing_ all normal

GCHS CH Neahm's Teacher's Pet

GCHG CH Solange Valedictorian

GCH CH Paray's Cambridge

Multiple Group Winning and Multiple BISS GCHS CH Solange Significant

Cimmaron Neahm's Camelots Lady

BISS CH Ilemist As You LIke It ROM ROMC

CH Cimmaron High Maintenance

Martinique Akadia Femme Fatale

GCHB CH Grandables Turn On The Charm ROM

GCHG CH Solange Valedictorian

BISS AM Can Ch Grandgables Charmed I'm Sure ROMC

Paray's Poshest

GCH CH Paray's Cambridge

Paray's Allure

Ch. Enclave Esperanza

All testing completed and normal

MBISS GCHS CH Jesstar Patagonia


Am GCHB Rosmoor Protocol ROM ROMC

GCH CH Jesstar Astoria ROM

GCH CH Jesstar Hyannisport

BISS CH Kismet's Shogun

Ch Jesstar L.A. Candy

GCH CH Acadia Serenity

Mutiple BIS/ BISS Can/AM GCHP Grandgables The Frat Boy AOM ROMC ROM 3CC.

BISS Am Can Japn Ch Grandgables Boy Oh Boy ROM ROMC

CH Grandgables Homecomin' Queen

Ch Akadia Peaceful Garden

Akadia King Charles

Ch Akadia Peace Of Mind