Champion Sunspun Private Stock

"Kody or Kodybear"

s Teddybears'  (Ch. U-Ch WarmWinds Bourbon d'Bear OA  OAJ CGC) first born son. At 8 weeks old he sure was cute but I wasn't sure if he was what I wanted to keep for the show ring. I decided to grow him out for awhile. 

When he was 3.5 months old my friends, Hector and Meredith Hector, met me at a park and they helped me take pictures of Kody and his sire Teddy. When they sent the pictures to me I was astounded at what I saw. Kody's face and headpiece took till 3.5 months to mature to the point where I finally knew I was keeping him. 

He has been a wonderful addition to my house. He is a fun loving dog, who loves the show ring.

Kodybear is now retired and he is living with a loving couple who have been owned by one of my puppies.
At this point he is the only dog in the house and enjoying every part of the "only child syndrome."

At the Fort Steuben Kennel Association, Inc. - (Saturday 10/09/2010)- Kody bear was awarded Best of Winners  to win a 3 point major TO FINISH!!!!!! The win was awarded to Kody by Judge Mr. Vincent T. Grasso.

Kodybear is my first bred by and Teddybears first champion get.
He is now Ch. Sunspun Private Stock.

Kody is:
Cerf Clear
OFA Good
Thyroid normal

  • Today at the Fort Steuben Kennel Association, Inc. - Saturday 10/09/2010- Kody bear was awarded Best of Winners  to win a 3 point major TO FINISH!!!!!! Judge Mr. Vincent T. Brasso. Kodybear is my first bred by and Teddybears first champion get.

  • On March 11, 2007 at the Palm Beach County Dog Fanciers Association show, Judge James R. White awarded Kody Winners Dog for his first point.
  • On May 6, 2007 at the South Dade Kennel Club show, Judge William Bailey awarded Kody Best of Winners for his second point.
  • On May 20, 2007 at the Great Fort Myers Dog Show, Judge George Heitzman awarded Kody Winners Dog for his third point.
  • On Wednesday August 1, 2007, Judge Jon R Cole awarded Kodybear Best Of Winners for 1 point.
  • On Friday August 3, 2007, Judge Charles Trotter awarded Kody 1 points for Winners Dog. 
  • Kody now has 5 points in limited showing.
  • Kody took Winners Dog Today in  the ring of Judge Dr. Richard F. Greathouse, at the Licking River Kennel Club in Urbana, Ohio. He now has 6 points. Judy Stachowski was handling.
  • On Sunday December  9, 2007 at the Greater Miami Dog Shows, Kodybear, Sunspun Private Stock earned two more points in Judge Dany Canino's ring (total of 8 points.)
  • On Saturday December 15, at Central Florida Kennel Club, Kodybear went Winners dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite to minor out. He was awarded these wins by Judge R.S. Pritchard.  Judy Stachowski was handling. He will now sit out for a little while to mature a little more and to grow his "Big Boys' coat."
  • Sat. March 13, 2010 Kodybear Sunspun Private Stock wins his first major (Best oF Opposites) a, 4 points Specialty major,  in judge James R. Whites ring at the Northwest Louisiana Shetland Sheepdog Club.  GOOOOOOOO Kody.  One more and he finishes his CHAMPIONSHIP!    Kody now has 14 points with one major. Zana Friend was handling.



Sunspun Private Stock

AKC# DN12101801 OFA good Cerf Normal S/W---AKC 10 pts

Am. Ch. MBIS UKC Ch. WarmWinds Bourbon d'Bear OA OAJ CGC

DN03282701 OFA-G OptiGen Normal Vwd Clear Thyroid Normal CERF Normal (2 eyelashes) AKC DNA Profile# V424454

BISS Ch. Foxglove Ashburton Bottoms Up ROM

DL71678603 OFA-G S/W trifactored

Can Ch Bonnyville Fairfax Nighthawk

DL50379301 OFA-G Tri Dog

Bonnyville Forever A Diamond

Ye917925 OFA-Good

Ch. Malpsh Penny Serenade ROM

DL33697101 OFA-G S/W

Ch. Trelane Bold Image

AKC# D645257 OFA-Good

Ch. Malpsh the Magic Is Back

WarmWinds Mischief Maker

DL80793802 OFA-G S/W

Ch. Ozark Crest Letter Perfect

D888313 OFA-G S/W

Jaconics Properly Fashioned

DL39210605 OFA-Good S/W

Ch. Satins Limited Addtion

DL33068501 OFA-E S/W Tri-factored

WarmWinds Forever Fancy

DL41114908 OFA-Prelim-Good

Sunspun Gentle Wind

DN06564201 OFA-Prelim Good OptinGen-Clear S/W

Ch. Peacewynde Chianti

DL52446001 OFA-G S/W

Ch. Macdega Candray Cartel

AKC# DL39133701 OFA-Excellent S/W

Peacewynde Pride of Heritage

DL40685201 OFA-F S/W

Zion's Roxanne

DL62824502 OFA-G S/W

Zion's Presenting Amber TKLB

Sunspun Wish Upon A Star

DL80615801 OFA-Good S/W

Sunspun Love of Fashion

DL75472501 OFA-G S/W

Mainevent Cheap and Chic

AKC# DL59665501 OFA-Excellent S/W Bi-Factored

WarmWinds Lady Love

DL47535202 OFA Prelim-G S/W